• Moisturises the surface
  • Protects the timber surface from environmental elements.
  • to help stop the timber from drying out.
  • Enhances the patina (lustre) of a timber surface.
  • Prevents dust and dirt from clogging the pores of timber.

How does Aussie Furniture Wax work?

The wax leaves a thin film on the surface, which over time is drawn into the timber and acts as a filter to control the amount of moisture entering and leaving the timber. This helps to prevent cracking and drying out.

Does Aussie Furniture Wax change the timber in any way?

The Furniture Wax will only enhance the grain and help the surface mature over time. The finish will last longer and the surface will be more resistant to normal wear and tear. The Black Furniture Wax the Staining Wax and the Brown Furniture Wax can change the colour of the timber furniture surface. (Always test in an inconspicuous area first)

What is the difference between Aussie Furniture Wax and Aussie Quick Polish?

The Furniture Wax has a thick consistency and is an excellent base wax for high traffic areas where there is continuous use e.g. tabletops, sideboards and coffee tables. The Furniture Wax has more resistance to heat and cold, and better repelling properties for spillage. Recommended to be applied every three to six months.

Quick Polish is exactly what it says quick and easy to use.  Suitable for use on heavily carved timbers, rattan (cane) furniture. Effortlessly removes hand grime, dirt, tobacco stains etc, and does not fill up any detailed carvings. Can be used for the removal of glue backing of labels placed on to a timber surface. Use regularly. Simply wipe on and buff off.

How long does the Aussie Furniture Wax last?

Climatic conditions and the amount of wear the surface is subjected to, can only determine the life of the wax.  As a rule of thumb use Furniture Wax every 3-6 Months and Quick Polish every week or as often as you like.

Will Aussie Furniture Wax wear off?

Yes, the wax will wear off to a certain extent and a certain amount of wax will be drawn in to the timber surface. That’s why it is necessary to apply the product on a regular basis.

Why is Aussie Furniture Wax superior to other waxes, oils and spray polishes?

  • It contains no silicons or petro-chemicals and is produced from disease free pure Australian beeswax, tree oils and other modern safe ingredients.
  • Easy to apply and easy to buff.
  • Leaves no finger marks or smears and never builds up like traditional beeswax polish.
  • Gentle on the hands and pleasantly scented

What types of surface can be treated with Aussie Furniture Wax?

The Furniture Wax and the Quick Polish are designed to be applied to most timber surfaces that have had shellac polyurethane, lacquers, estapol or varnishes applied, example: wood doors, wood floors, antiques, modern timber furniture, fixtures and wood fittings.


What types of floor can they be used on?

All Hard surfaced Floors, Including Hardwood, Parquetry, Tile, Slate and Laminates.

Will Slipstick floor protectors work on carpet?

Yes. They will protect carpet, however the Slipstick floor protector was mainly designed to protect hard floor surfaces.

Is the Slipstick foot suitable for all types of furniture?

The screw on Slipstick feet are not suitable for furniture with metal or plastic legs.

Are they easy to fit?

Yes. The Slipstick foot products, supplied with screws, require a simple pre-drilling before attachment. The rest of the range are simply placed underneath the furniture leg or wheel.

How do I know what size Slipstick foot to fit onto my furniture?

Just measure the width of the leg you are fitting the foot to and ensure that the Slipstick Foot is as close to that width as possible.

My furniture has square legs will a round Slipstick foot work?

Yes, a round Slipstick foot will work on a square leg, just keep the Slipstick Foot size smaller than the leg.

If I fit Slipstick feet to my dining chairs, will I have to lift the chair to move it ?

No, as the smaller sized Slipstick feet are designed to slide freely utilising a firm rubber and will reduce marking and scuffing of clean floor surfaces.

Do I have to fit the Slipstick Large Castor Cups on every leg of my bed ensemble?

No. One Slipstick Large Castor Cup under each corner of an ensemble is sufficient to stop the bed moving.

Will Slipstick Castor Cups carry the weight of a piano?

Yes, Slipstick Castor Cups are designed to take up 250 kg (500lb) on each foot.

Why are Slipstick feet a better choice than other glides for protecting my floors?

  • Long Lasting!
  • Wont fall OFF! : Permanently attached via a screw.
  • Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Very stable! Large and small castor cups fit securely under wheels and castors.
  • Easy movement of large furniture! With the unique Tilt N Slide© feature.
  • Specially formulated O’ring will protect all floor coatings.
  • Easy to follow fitting instructions are on the back of every Slipstick foot packet.