Furniture Repair Kit Special Offer For Simon’s House 2UE Listeners

All about the Furniture repair Kit Rescue Box featured on Simon’s House.

Furniture repair kits are a valuable asset where furniture or timber flooring has minor nicks and scratches Aussie Furniture Care Rescue Box Furniture Repair Kitor just needs a general tidy up. We supply two kits, the smaller rescue box for basic and minor repairs and the complete repair kit forĀ  more in depth and larger repairs.

Furniture Repair Kit (Rescue Box)

The basic furniture repair kit has been designed for minor repairs and touch-ups on timber furniture and timber floors in and around the home.

The basic furniture kit or rescue box as we call it, has enough products to repair small nicks, scratches and splits while still getting good results.

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Furniture Repair Kit Rescue Box

The Furniture Repair Kit comes in a plastic box and contains:

5 x Scratch-Fix Pens:Aussie Furniture Care Rescue Box Furniture Repair Kit Rescue Box Contents

  • 1 light brown
  • 1 medium brown
  • 1 dark brown
  • 1 black brown
  • 1 red brown

(Ideal for colouring and disguising small nicks and scratches)

(Mixed colours wood tones. Used for filling fine splits, small holes and nicks)

(In common wood tone colours. Used for repairs on furniture like filling large splits and cracks)

  • 1 x Wax Stick Applicator:

(Used for cleaning up excess wax after a repair)

  • 1 x 50gr tin of Black Brown Staining Wax for applying after a repair
  • 2 x Pure Cotton Polishing Cloths for buffing off staining wax
  • 1 x 250 ml Bottle Furniture Reviver: Used for covering surface scratches and rejuvenating faded surfaces.

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