500 ml bottle of AFC Leather Cleaner & Enhancer

Aussie Furniture Care AFC Leather Cleaner & Enhancer 500ml

$36.95 Inc GST

If you have new leather or leather that’s still in good condition and you want to keep it that way try the New All in One AFC Leather Cleaner & Enhancer.

An Australian Made product that gives your leather a deep clean and at the same time enhances the look & feel of the leather finish & surface keeping it looking new for longer.

AFC Leather Cleaner & Enhancer is specially formulated to safely & effectively remove, light soil build up, grime and other contaminants at the same time leaving a nice look and feel on the leather.

Not suitable for Nu-buck or raw suede leathers.

  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • All in one product to clean and enhance the feel of the leather
  • Easily wipe away contaminants without harming leather
  • Penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils
  • Leaves no residue like soaps and will not contribute to fiber deterioration
  • The easiest and most leather friendly leather cleaner, easily wipes away contaminants without harming leather
  • It is pH balanced for the most efficient cleaning and preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance; penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils

For leather that’s aged, dirty and feeling dry use: 

AFC 5 Minute Leather Cleaner to thoroughly clean the leather & follow up with AFC Conditioning & Moisturising Cream to restore moisture & beauty to the finish.  Save 15% with our Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner Combo

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Contains Natural ingredients.

Safe & Easy to Use

Additional information

Weight 570 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 21.5 cm