CB680 CB680 Slipstick Furniture Movers

CB128 Slipstick Furniture Movers

$29.95 Inc GST

CB128 Furniture Movers

If your looking for an easy way to move furniture around in a room Slipstick Furniture Movers are the answer.

Slipstick Furniture Movers are ideal for moving furniture from one place to another on all flooring surfaces.

Now you can move furniture with ease across all surfaces including carpet, tiles and timber floors.

Simply place one furniture mover under each corner of the furniture and slide the furniture from one position to another.

The furniture movers come with:

4 sliders for carpet. 

4 slip on covers for moving furniture on timber floors.

Weight is not a problem the furniture movers are strong enough to hold up to 450kg.


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Product Description

Slide and move heavy furniture easily across any hard floor or carpeted surface while protecting floors from gouges, snags or scratching.

The premium, extra large, 127mm / 5″ round sliding surface works well on all types of carpet even office carpet made of Olefin where others have trouble.

The included four soft cover mitts are used when sliding across hardwood to add a safe sliding layer between your furniture and your floor.

Thick closed-foam rubber on top of the sliders keeps heavy, bulky furniture’s weight evenly distributed and holds them from rolling off during the sliding.


From the Manufacturer

The Slipstick Foot Furniture Movers are ideal for moving furniture during a remodel or painting project.

They can be used over and over and they carry the Slipstick 5-Year warranty for home use and 1-Year commercial warranty.

Additional information

Weight 0.290 g
Dimensions 29.5 × 18.0 × 7.0 cm