DIY Fabric Protection Kit 1 Litre

DIY Fabric Protection Kit

$69.95 Inc GST

The Ecoshield Fabric Protection Kit is designed for customers who have larger items like a lounge suite to protect and do not have the equipment or enough protector to carry out the task themselves.

Our kit also eliminates the need to pay someone to come out to your home or premises to spray it for you which can workout to be quite expensive.

The Fabric Protection Kit comes with 1 litre of Ecoshield Fabric Protector which is enough to do an average size 5 seater lounge suite including the frame and seat cushions on all sides.

For extra safety the kit also includes a dust mask and a pair of disposable gloves to use when applying the protector.

See how to use instructions in description section below.

The Ecoshield Fabric Protector is suitable for most fabrics including: Acrylics, Polyester, Cottons, Wool, Suede and Linen.

Not suitable for Velvets.

EcoShield Fabric Protector is designed to protect furniture fabrics, soft furnishings and rugs from stains, grime, dirt and soil build up.

  • Water Based
  • Fast Drying
  • Eco-Friendly

Click here for 250ml bottles, 5 litre & 20 litre drums

EcoShield Fabric Protector can be applied to new or pre-cleaned furniture, soft furnishings and textiles.

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How To Apply.

To apply Ecoshield Fabric Protector you will need a simple pump up hand sprayer set on the finest spray setting. We have preset the sprayer for you.


Spray surface at a steady pace lightly and evenly and over lapping the previous run, make sure you do not over wet the fabric only apply enough product so the fabric feels damp.

Make sure you spray all high traffic areas as well as front and back of the cushions.

Test First.

Always test the product in an inconspicuous area first and check for colour fastness on the fabric or for any adverse reactions before starting any application.


1 litre of Ecoshield Fabric Protector will be approx enough to do an application on a 5 seater lounge suite depending on how many cushions etc you have. Always allow a little bit more just in case.

Safety Precaution: Use gloves and mask provided before spraying any items

Additional information

Weight 1.500 g
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 30 cm