100 Piece Packs of Round 25mm - 1inch Felt Floor Protectors

Economical 100 piece bag of 25mm/1inch Round Felt Floor Protectors


Excellent value floor protection pack.

Long lasting self-stick felt protector pads with super strong bonding adhesive backing to stay on chair legs and furniture feet longer.

These felt furniture sliders protect hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate and all hard floor surfaces from scratching or marring when sliding chairs or moving furniture.

Special low friction and heavy duty felt material blend reduces noise when sliding furniture, glides smoothly, and slides effortlessly across hard surfaces

Works great under kitchen chairs, Dining room chairs, tables, desks, chests, and a variety of furniture and décor items (recommended for furniture legs/chair feet that are at least 25mm / 1” in diameter)

100-Piece value bag of 25mm / 1″ round felt furniture pads with strong self stick adhesive backing

Available in 2 colours Chocolate & Oatmeal

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Get long lasting floor protection, quiet sliding, and super smooth gliding across hard surfaces with these premium felt furniture pads by Slipstick!

Specially designed to stay on furniture longer, each pad features a super strong bonding self-stick adhesive for easy and effective attachment to furniture and décor.

Made with a special blend of durable felt material to reduce friction and noise when sliding furniture and safely protect all types of hard surfaces from damage.

Additional information

Weight 0.064 g
Dimensions 18.0 x 3.8 x 18.0 cm
Available Colours