Slipstick CB656 - 5 Inch _ 125mm Incline Bed Risers for Acid Reflux _ GERD Relief

CB656 Slipstick Foot – 5 Inch / 125mm Incline Medical Bed Risers for Acid Reflux / GERD Relief

$23.95 Inc GST

(Set of 2 Risers and 2 Non Slip Rubber Protector Pads) White

Designed to add 127mm / 5 inches of incline to a bed to relieve and treat medical conditions like Acid Reflux

These are a simple, inexpensive and effective remedy to a better nights sleep. The incline also makes it easier to read, watch TV, or do other activities while lying in bed which helps to reduce the strain on your neck.

Fits under bed posts from 31.75mm / 1-1/4” to 76.2mm / 3” in diameter.

Important note:

If the bedpost is smaller than 31.75 / 1-1/4″, we recommend the Slipstick CB605 castor cup be used to support small or sharp objects from damaging or piercing into the top of the riser.

Complete bed stability: The set contains 2 heavy duty bed raisers and 2 free gripping floor protectors for the other 2 legs.

The rubberised base provides stability and protects every possible floor type (wood, carpeted or hard surface)

Each supporter cone / riser foot supports 225Kg / 500 lbs max weight (set of 2 holds 450Kg / 1000 lbs.)

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Additional information

Weight 0.400 g
Dimensions 18.5 × 18.5 × 18.0 cm