Slipstick Furniture Sliders CB250T-CB255T Floor Protectors

Slipstick Foot Furniture Sliders 25mm (1″) and Floor Protectors are designed for wooden  chair and barstool legs to slide on tiles, polished concrete and slate floors.

The slider foot for tiles has specially formulated insert that helps chairs and barstools slide in and out smoothly and quietly while PROTECTING your floor.

Warning: This product is not suitable for hardwood, softwood or polished timber floors

Perfect for:

  • 25mm to 32mm (1″ to 1-1/4″) diameter legs
  • laminated floors
  • tiles
  • slate

CAUTION: Legs angled greater than 5 degrees, use Slipstick CB190 Feet. Indentations may occur in Cushion Vinyl and Soft Wood floors.

Price Per Packet of 8 Feet: $14.95 ea

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Assembly Instructions

1. Remove pre-existing feet if necessary.
2. Drill hole in required position.
3. Use supplied screw to attach foot.
4. Repeat operation for all feet.


















Price Per Packet of 8 Feet: $14.95 ea

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