Ecoshield Leather Cleaner

Ecoshield Leather Cleaner

$23.95 Inc GST

Ecoshield Leather Cleaner is a neutral PH cleaner that provides a deep clean without stripping the moisture content of the leather and contains mild and gentle biodegradable ingredients that help to avoid harmful reactions with pores, top coatings and stitching of the leather.


A 250ml bottle of Leather Cleaner is enough to do a complete clean on at least a 5 seat sofa setting and should be followed up with an application of Ecoshield Leather Conditioner for best results.

Ecoshield Leather Cleaner can be used to clean leather furniture, leather car upholstery and leather clolths.

Not Suitable for Nubuck or Analine Leathers.

Nu-Buck and Raw Analine Leathers require a special type of cleaner for that type of leather and if you are unsure it is advisable to check with the manufacturer first.

Customers who have purchased Ecoshield Leather Cleaner have also purchased Ecoshield Leather Conditioner and Leather Protector.

Available in a Leather Care Kit.


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Weight 0.290 g
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 30 cm