Leather Cleaners it’s Important to Choose the right One

Read this important info before purchasing a leather cleaning product.

Even though leather is one of the most beautiful and elegant fabrics available it still requires careful maintenance and cleaning to maintain its integrity and condition.

In order to keep your leather clean it is important to use the right leather cleaner.

Leather testing reveals that household cleaners and many general cleaning products are being sold in the supermarkets disguised as leather cleaners.

If you are not careful and purchase the wrong product it could dramatically speed up the deterioration of your leather!

To avoid damaging your leather upholstery, this is what you should be aware of before you buy any leather cleaning product:

  • Some household cleaning products will ruin your leather upholstery.
  • Many of these household cleaners such as soaps, detergents, silicone, waxes, petroleum-based products and even products marketed as leather cleaners, can have a detrimental effect on the life span of your leather furnishings.
  • These contaminates can penetrate through the pores of the leather and leave an acidic residue on the surface, which will result in accelerated wear and tear.
  • Never use beeswax furniture polish on leather, it is only designed for timber furniture.
  • Dirt, grime, sweat etc can be harmful to your leather and if these contaminants and residues are not regularly cleaned away, they will leave an acidic substance on the leather finish, ultimately etching into the surface and eventually causing permanent damage.

The only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to use a proper and reputable brand name “Neutral PH Leather Cleaner” and to make sure you have the right cleaner for your type of leather.

After cleaning always follow up with a quality leather conditioning cream.

We only sell and recommend premium quality leather cleaning products that meet all the required criteria mentioned and tested by us before recommending or stocking any products.

Recommended leather cleaners:

AFC 5 Minute Leather Cleaner.

Recommended Leather Conditioners:

AFC Leather Conditioning Cream

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