What is dye transfer on leather and how to remove it

What is dye transfer on leather and how to remove it

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In this post I explain “How to remove dye transfer from leather” using Uniters Pure Dye & Print Transfer Cleaner & Remover For Leather 147ml

When it comes to light coloured leather there is one additional factor to contend with and that’s dye transfer.

What is dye transfer on leather?

Dye transfer is where colour from clothing like denim jeans for example is transferred onto the leather over time. When the colour is repeatedlyDye Transfer on Leather transferred it becomes impregnated into the surface of the leather leaving a dark surface stain that is difficult to remove using your traditional leather cleaning methods and may require an additional process using a dye transfer remover.

Dye transfer is tricky to remove and requires that you follow the 8 step product instructions carefully.

Once you have removed the dye transfer you would then proceed to giving the rest of the unaffected areas a clean using normal leather cleaner followed up by a leather conditioner.

How to use instructions

(1) Shake well before using.
(2) First pre test the cleaner for colour-fastness in an inconspicuous area before applying to area of the leather that has the dye transfer.
(3) Pour the cleaner onto a soft clean cloth.
(4) Wipe gently onto the leather surface.
(5) For persistent stains wait a few minutes to allow the product to penetrate the surface or until you can see the dye transfer stain disappear.
(6) Repeat cleaning procedure.
(7) Clean any excess or residue away with some good quality Neutral PH Cleaner then lightly rinse with some warm water.
(8) Pat dry with a soft clean cotton cloth

The dye transfer remover:

  • Removes unsightly tough pigment and dye-based stains from leather, such as dye and print transfer.
  • Is formulated specifically to remove dye transfer quickly and safely – uses the latest advancements in cleaning technology to gently draw stains to the surface of the leather, where they can be easily removed.
  • Is perfect for removing dye transfer stains from upholstery, car seats, leather apparel, and bags.
  • Is suitable for use on light coloured aniline and pigmented leather.
  • Is not suitable for use on light coloured raw leather, nubuck or suede.
  • The Uniters Pure range was developed by Dr Tork and a specialist research team with decades of experience in leather care products.

A Safer Choice Product:

  • Biodegradable
  • No VOCs
  • Phosphate Free
  • Ozone Friendly
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants Free

Please Note: Do not use this product for Raw Leather, NuBuck, Aniline or Suede Leathers

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