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Premium Floor Protectors…The long term solution for protecting hard floors

The Slipstick Foot premium floor protector solves all the problems associated with felt floor protectors. If your looking for a long term solution to stopping furniture from damaging your floors here is the answer.

There’s a large variety of floor protectors that slide and grip as well as castor cups and more.

Floor Protectors

Furniture can do major damage to your floors when it’s not fitted with proper floor protectors.

The Slipstick Foot floor protector is a unique floor protection device that is attached to the legs or base of wood most furniture.

The Foot is easily attached via “Peel and Stick” super bonding adhesive or screw on.

The Slipstick Foot comprises of a hard plastic disc with an O’ring insert. The specially formulated O’ring is uniquely designed to protect wood, tile or laminate floors.

Our Slipstick Foot range of floor protectors are available asSlider or Gripper floor protectors.

The smaller “Slider” feet suit kitchen and dining chairs offering maximum floor protection and ease of movement.

The larger “Gripper” feet prevent unwanted movement of your furniture, and suit couches, tables, ottomans etc.

There is also a range of Castor Cups available. Slipstick foot floor protectors come in 13 different sizes, and two colours (Caramel & Chocolate) to suit most furniture in the home or office.

The range includes Castor Cups and Furniture Coasters where attachment to the furniture is undesirable.

Slipstick also stock a range of high quality Felt Floor Protectors, that offer excellent floor protection and represent exceptional value.

Slipstick Premium Quality Floor Protectors

Furniture Sliders

Are ideal for dining and kitchen chairs on hard floor surfaces, glides quietly and protects floors.

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Furniture Grippers

Are ideal for lounge and sitting area type furniture, they STOP furniture from sliding and protect hard floor surfaces. We carry a complete range of furniture grippers including Slipstick and Gorilla Grippers.

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Castor Cups

Here is a solution to an annoying problem.
Slipstick Foot Castor Cups STOP furniture with castor wheels from rolling around on hard floor surfaces as well as protecting the floor scratching and damage. Castor cups are available for carpet and hardfloors

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Bed Risers

Furniture Risers are an inexpensive and effective way to  raise beds and furniture to a more convenient height. Perfect for adding storage room under a bed.

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Castor Wheels

Office chair wheels scratching and damaging your timber floors?

Slipstick Foot rubber castor wheels are designed to replace existing plastic office chair wheels to protect polished floor surfaces. No need for annoying matts.

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Are a quick easy solution to stop furniture with unusual feet from moving around and scratching hard floor surfaces.


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Furniture Movers

Do want to change a room around but the furniture’s too heavy?

Furniture Movers are a fantastic product that makes  moving furniture from one spot to another on all flooring surfaces simple and easy. No more back breaking work.

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Slipstick Foot Felt Floor Protectors

Looking for a quick and inexpensive way to protect your timber floors?

Felt Floor Protectors are an economical solution for preventing polished floors from being scratched or marked. Easy to fit.

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