Castor Cups Are The Best Way to Stop Furniture Moving & Prevent Damage To Floors

Castor Cups are designed to STOP furniture with castor wheels from rolling around as well as protecting all types of flooring surfaces from being damaged by furniture legs.

A simple and safe way to keep furniture with wheels like cribs, sewing machines, twin beds and pianos, from moving. 

The deep concave cup design of the protector keeps wheels and legs locked in place while the heavy-duty soft rubber O-ring bottom protects floors and prevent slipping or sliding of your furniture.

Installation is instant, just slide the protector beneath the wheel or leg. No screws, nails or adhesive required.

When choosing a castor cup it’s important to get the diameter of the castor right first, the reason for this is the more accurate you are, the less the castor will move in the cup.

There are 2 sizes available, Small & Large

Small Castor Cups 

Can be placed under small or pointed furniture legs, piano wheels or any furniture that has castor wheels.

• They provide maximum grip and floor protection.

• Will support up to 250kg (500lb) per cup.

• Recommended to hold a wheel no larger than 45mm – 1 3/4″

Available here

Large Castor Cups

Large Castor Cups stop beds with castor wheels from rolling around on timber and tile floors. 

The Slipstick Castor Cups effectively stop movement by simply placing one castor cup under each castor wheel on the corners of your bed ensemble. 

  • The cups are super strong and will support up to 250kg per cup. 
  • They are designed for 50mm – 2″ castor/roller wheels and double up as furniture grippers as well as floor protectors.   
  • 5 year warranty

Available Here

 See our video demo below:

Castor Cup Comparisons

Slipstick Castor Cup Installation Video


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