Leather Handbag Cleaner

If your looking for a specific leather handbag cleaner there’s really no need to.

Cleaning a leather handbag is virtually the same process as cleaning a leather sofa or leather car seats using the same leather cleaning products.

As with the leather sofa cleaning there are certain types of leather you cannot clean with general leather cleaners.

Nu-Buck & Suede Leathers can’t be cleaned with everyday generic leather cleaners

Cleaning used Leather Handbags

For used handbags that need a good clean and freshen up you will need the following:

  • A clean white damp cloth.
  • A small bristle brush (Similar to those small brushes you use to scrub finger nails are perfect)
  • Good quality “Neutral PH” Leather Cleaner.
  • Good quality leather conditioner for moisturising the leather.
  • A clean soft cloth for buffing of excess leather conditioner.

Step by Step Instructions for Cleaning your Leather Handbag

Empty contents from the leather handbag so it is easy to manage and manouverable.

Spray the leather with the leather cleaner until the surface is lightly wet and allow to soak for a few minutes and and wipe off loose dirt and grime with a clean damp cloth.

For heavily soiled leather reapply more leather cleaner and proceed to brush the surface with the bristle brush, this will help remove the dirt caught up in the grain of the leather.

Once you have given the bag a brush remove excess dirt with a clean damp cloth.

Step by Step Leather Conditioning

Once the bag is completely dry and clean apply leather conditioning cream to keep the bag clean, soft and supple.

Apply the leather conditioning cream with a clean dry soft cloth and lightly buff off to dry finish.

For New Leather Handbags

If your handbag or leather item is brand new or not used, the first thing you should do is apply a coat of  leather conditioning and moisturising cream.

This will build up the protection on the bag to help reduce soiling & staining caused by every day use such as rain, spills and wear & tear.

We recommend using any of the following products listed below:

For Leather Handbag Cleaning use:

AFC 5 Minute Leather Cleaner

For Leather Conditioners use:

AFC Leather Conditioning Cream

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