Tibet Almond Stick Scratcher Remover Overview

The Tibet Almond Stick is a tightly rolled cotton stick, soaked in a secret family formula. It is used to hide surface scratches from woodTibet Almond Stick surfaces.

It only comes in one size and is colourless when rubbed on a scratch.

If it is kept covered when not in use, the Tibet Almond Stick should last for years!

Remove or cover up scratches from timber furniture and flooring quickly and easily!

The Tibet Almond Stick is very simple to use. Just open up the can, and remove the stick.

Unwrap the blue wrapper and rub either end on the scratch.

The scratch will disappear “Quick As A Flash.”

There is no need to peel the label, or cut the stick. The liquid will continue to flow to the end of the stick until it is gone.

Just rub a little over a surface scratch (it won’t fix gouges that penetrate the timber) and let it sit. Leave for short time and wipe off excess with a soft cloth.

The Tibet Almond Stick won’t fix everything but it’s a handy item to keep in your armoury of furniture and floor care products.

Before & After Using Tibet Almond StickI have tested this product extensively and found the almond stick to work better on somethings than others.

What I also noticed was the that on some surfaces it covered scratches and made them less obvious on other finishes, the problem was I couldn’t specify any particular type of finish where I could say the the stick would or wouldn’t work because the results were varied.

I saw it work amazingly well on some scratches and not at all on others. Unfortunately this is one of those purchases where you won’t know until you try it.

Tibet Almond Stick $19.95 ea

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