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Quite often office chairs that have nothing else wrong with them other than a broken wheel get thrown out because people think there are no otherSlipstick CB682 Replacement Heavy Duty Plastic castor Wheels for Office Chairs Pack of 5 alternatives.

Our heavy duty replacement plastic castor wheels are ideal for replacing existing office chair wheels that are damaged or completely broken.

Replacement is easy simply pull out the old castor from the base and push the new one in. 

Warning: These replacement plastic castor wheels do not fit IKEA office chairs.

These quiet rolling castor wheels swivel a full 360 degrees easily and smoothly without clunky hang-ups or stuck wheels.

Comes with 5 total castor wheels, 50mm / 2″ diameter twin wheel design – that’s standard for most office chairs.

They also work on all types of other moving furniture like bakers rack, nightstand, cabinets and others that accept a 11mm / 7/16″ stem size.

Product Features:Slipstick CB682 Replacement Heavy Duty Plastic castor Wheels for Office Chairs

  • 11mm (7/16″) Tempered Steel – Universal Stem
  • High Impact Black Polypropylene Dust Cover
  • 50mm (2″) Specially Formulated Heavy Duty Plastic Replacement Wheel
  • 5 Premium Replacement Wheels
  • Standard Stem for Office Chairs
  • Easy to Install
  • Glides Easily on all Surfaces
  • Cleans Easily

Price $26.95 per pack of 5

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Video on how to fit the Slipstick Castor wheels to an office chair


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