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(1) Timber Furniture Care.

Furniture Polish
. Our furniture polish was designed with the intention of creating an outstanding and easy to use furniture polish for home owners who want look after their wood furniture.

How to choose the right furniture polish. With so many choices of furniture polish available on the market today how do you know which one is right for you?

Furniture Wax. Premium quality beeswax furniture polish that’s simple and easy to use without the hard work of old style traditional beeswax polishes, leaves no smearing and never builds up.

Quick Polish. Quick Polish-Furniture Polish that Waxes & Polishes as you clean. Aussie Quick Polish was developed as a cleaning and polishing product to remove old wax build up and the hand grime that appears on wood furniture, tables and chairs.

Orange Oil-Orange Oil Furniture Polish & Cleaner. Orange Oil Furniture Polish is one of our popular furniture care products. It can be used to polish most wood furniture finishes and does an excellent job of removing everyday dirt and dust from your timber furniture.

Furniture Reviver – Furniture Revivers for Furniture Restoration. Furniture Reviver is excellent for putting some life back into furniture that is looking a bit “Tired” and “Dry” or has light surface scratching that has not broken through the lacquer.

Furniture Polishing Cloths.  When you’re polishing furniture it’s always advisable to use a good quality Furniture Polishing Cloths. We recommend a blend of pure cotton and rayon.

Timber Furniture Care Kits. Timber Furniture Care Kits have everything you need for cleaning, maintaining and touching up timber furniture. An economical timber furniture care solution.

Inca Spray Wax Now Called Aussie Furniture Care Quick Polish. If you’ve been looking for Inca Spray wax or Inca Timberwax Spray and not been able to find it here is the reason why. It’s been Inca Spray Wax 200ml discontinued not because it’s not a good product but because it has been re-branded.

Tips for taking care of fine wood furniture  If you own fine wood furniture, it is important to take proper care of it. With some basic care, your fine furniture can last for years, and stay just as beautiful as the day you bought it. Below are some furniture care tips on taking proper care of wood furniture.

Pine Furniture Care Guide. Pine is a naturally soft wood which continues to “breathe”, based upon changes in the local (home, office, store, etc.) humidity and temperature. On the individual furniture piece there may be slight defects, such as knots and shakes (small cracks in the surface of the wood).

Taking Care of Cane Furniture.   Wicker furniture was popular during Victorian times and it’s just as popular today. Home catalogs are featuring wicker couches, lounges, tables, coffee tables, chairs, and plant stands. Most of the furniture is woven, but other furniture looks as if it has been knit with giant needles.

12 Simple Wood Care Tips For Long Lasting Furniture. Proper wood furniture care is essential if you want it to last, with some good information and the right furniture care products, fine wood furniture can really last for many years.

Cleaning & Waxing Timber Furniture  For effective cleaning and waxing of timber furniture read this article and follow the diagram for best results. Only use premium quality beeswax furniture polish to protect your furniture.

(2) Furniture Care

32 Tips for Buying & Caring For Your Furniture Care. Here are some more care tips for all types of furniture you may want to follow.

(3) Antique Furniture CareThe easiest way to care for antique furniture is to use good quality care products that are specifically designed for antiques.

Antique Oil. Do you have antique furniture that you love and needs restoring? Do you have antique furniture that’s faded and dry but it’s too valuable to throw out? Bring your antiques back to their former glory with Aussie Furniture Care Antique Oil.

A Quick Guide To Cleaning Antique Furniture.  Here is a guide to cleaning antique furniture that we have sourced for you it has some excellent advice and tips for extending the life of your antique furniture.

Finishes on Antique Wood Furniture by Ken MelchertMany different finishes have been used to beautify and protect wood furniture through the centuries. Many historically authentic finishes were high maintenance, labor intensive, and not very durable, so the trend has been to more impervious and enduring finishes suitable for everyday living.

Furniture Restoration Ideas. Furniture restoration can mean different things to various people. Some people want restored furniture to look new, others want furniture to appear well maintained, and to keep evidence of age and usage, which is often referred to instead as “conservation”. Purists prefer conservation, and scoff at those who “skin” furniture by removing the finish.

(3) Leather Care

Leather Care Tips for Top Coated, Analine and NuBuck Leather Furniture. Read this article for 8 Simple Leather Care Tips To Keep Your Top Coated Leather Furniture Looking Luxurious and Always Feeling Soft and Supple as well as lasting longer.

Clean Leather Furniture – Tips from a Pro by Kevin Gillan.  If you feel the need to “clean” your leather furniture, be sure to use a pH-balanced cleaner appropriate for your type of leather. If you have questions, contact a leather professional.

Advanced Leather Repair by Dwain Berlin. One approach that leather repair specialists use is to clean the leather and then re-color it. The result is that the leather will have a uniform appearance. The cracks will still be there but will be less apparent.

8 Simple Tips To Keep Your Top Coated Leather Furniture Looking Luxurious and Always Feeling Soft and Supple.

EzyCare 5 Minute Leather Care System.  Leather Care Made Quick & Easy. Our EzyCare 5 minute Leather Cleaner is designed to help people to get into the habit of  of cleaning and caring for their leather.

Leather Care KitsLeather Care Kits are an excellent way to get everything you need for complete leather care in one kit. Our leather care kits are suitable for leather furniture, automotive leather and leather fashion accessories.

Leather CleanerEven though leather is one of the most beautiful and elegant fabrics available it still requires careful maintenance and cleaning to maintain its integrity and condition. In order to keep your leather clean it is important to use the right leather clean.

Leather Conditioner. Applying a leather conditioner will help to preserve your top coated smooth leather. Whenever  you’ve cleaned your leather and rubbed off any stains, it’s a good idea to condition it, to leave it soft and supple.

(4) Furniture Repair & Touch Ups.

Timber Furniture RepairHow many times have you looked at an annoying scratch or nick in a piece of your treasured furniture and wished there was an easy way to fix it… Or at least improve it’s appearance in some way?

Scratch Fix PensScratch Fix Pens are the perfect furniture touch up pen for anyone wanting to tidy up and do minor repairs on any stained timber.

Wax Putty BricksWax Putty Bricks are a synthetic wax filler sticks designed for repairing and filling larger splits, dents, holes, knot holes and gouges on all types of wood furniture, wood floors and other wood related products used internally.

Furniture Repair Crayons.  Furniture Repair Crayons are designed for filling fine splits, small holes and small gouges in wood furniture.

Superior Steel Wool.   “0000″Superfine Steel Wool is the steel wool French Polishers and Furniture Restorers use to remove light scratches and imperfections on wood furniture. It’s also used for cutting back between coats of French polishes, varnishes, and oil finishes.

Furniture Repair Kits Furniture repair kits are a valuable asset where furniture or timber flooring has minor nicks and scratches or just needs a general tidy up. We supply two kits, the smaller rescue box for basic and minor repairs and the complete repair kit for for more in depth and larger repairs.

Do It Yourself Furniture RepairFurniture repair tips and how to’s.

(5)  Floor Care.

Floor ProtectorsOur Slipstick Foot range of floor protectors are available as “Slider” or “Gripper” floor protectors. The smaller “Slider” feet suit kitchen and dining chairs offering floor protection and ease of movement.

Felt Floor Protectors. Felt floor protectors are an easy way to protect timber and all hard floors from furniture damage. Felt Floor Protectors are designed to be used under chairs, tables and most furniture pieces to protect timber, vinyl and tile floor surfaces.

Furniture Sliders  Slipstick Sliders are ideal for dining and kitchen chairs on hard floor surfaces, glides quietly and protects floors.

Furniture Grippers Slipstick Foot Grippers are ideal for lounge and sitting area type furniture, they STOP furniture from sliding and protect hard floor surfaces.

Castor Cups.  Slipstick Foot Castor Cups are designed to STOP furniture with castor wheels from rolling around as well as protecting all types of flooring surfaces from being damaged by furniture legs.

Castor Wheels.  Slipstick Foot Castor Wheels are ideal for replacing existing office chair wheels to prevent scratching on polished floor surfaces.

Bed Risers.  Putting a bed on risers is an excellent idea for extra storage space as well as stopping it from rolling around. Bed risers will accommodate a bed frame with castors or without castor wheels.

Furniture Coasters.  Slipstick Furniture Coasters are a quick and easy solution to stop furniture with unusual feet from moving around and scratching hard floor surfaces.

Furniture Movers.  Moving Heavy Furniture Across Any Floor Surface is Now Effortless…  Who would have thought that moving heavy furniture could be such an effortless task. Now with the amazing new Slipstick Furniture Movers, moving heavy furniture is a breeze.

Pamper Your Floors With Proper Wood Care Products By Adam Peters   Ensuring that they are properly cared for, they will look as good as possible for as long as possible. Accidents happen all of the time whether you drop some sauce or other food onto the floor, or if you spill some water on it and forget to mop it up.

Floor Protector Product Review Felt Floor Protectors Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Felt Designed to be used under chairs, tables and most furniture pieces to protect timber, vinyl and tile floor surfaces. Upside of Felt Floor Protectors: · Protects Floors · Makes furniture easier to move · Reduces noise · Suitable for most types of furniture · Easy to fit · Can be used on most floors Downside of Felt Floor.

Laminate Floor Care by Jimmy Sturo. Laminate floors do not require much care, because they are coated in a special polymer that protects the wood sheets underneath. The simple regular care regimen for laminate floors involves vacuuming, dust-mopping, and occasionally mopping with a damp towel.

(6) Fabric Care.

Fabric Care for Furniture, fabric care is an important part of looking after fabric sofas and chairs. Fabric needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

Fabric Care Kits Fabric Care Kits are a cost effective way to get everything you need for cleaning, deodorising and protecting your fabrics.

There are numerous ways to clean and look after fabric, but the best way is to use products that are designed specifically for that purpose.

Fabric Spot Cleaners Your first try solution! Ecoshield Spot Cleaner / Stain Remover is a professional strength stain and spot remover for fabrics, carpets, drapes and upholstery, the same product is used by professional cleaning companies for the removal of common and not so common household stains.

Fabric Deodoriser. This is not a perfumed water! Ecoshield Fabric Deodoriser is a natural deodorising agent designed especially for fabrics and carpets. Using a range of odour neutralising agents it effectively counteracts bad smells. It also contains an effective biocide that aids in the reduction of odour bacteria.

(7) Other Articles

Outdoor Furniture Oil.   Our Outdoor Furniture Oil is Excellent For Maintaining & Enhancing The Original Look Of  Outdoor Furniture. Outdoor Furniture Oil Gives Unique Protection To All Types Of Wood Exposed To Weather.

Tips For Removing Cat Hair From Upholstered FurniturePet hair on your furniture is one of the all time nuisances. If you have cats and dogs, than you know all about pet hair on the furniture, carpets, drapes and floors. Removing pet hair is an extremely time-consuming project, and yet we never seem to remove it all. It is also a project that is not one of our favorites, we try vacuuming, lint rollers and all the new products they have out there to remove pet hair, and unless your furniture is leather, it still sits clinging to our your furniture.

Why Cats Scratch FurnitureSome cat owners are horrified to discover their cat is developing the habit of vigorously scratching at their furniture with its front feet. Not every cat will do this, but those that do can cause a lot of  damage to expensive furniture fabrics, and cause a great deal of frustration within a house proud family.

Teak Furniture. How To Care For It.

Many finer homes and businesses feature beautiful indoor and outdoor furniture made from teak. Although the obvious reason is the beauty that comes from teak, there are many benefits to choosing this type of wood.

Saturated with natural oils required to survive the rainforest where teak grows, this wood is naturally resistant to rot, insects, and outdoor elements.

Teak Oil & Cleaner. Why You Need ThemWhen people think of anything related to teak, they usually think of how durable it is. And, even though teak furniture and accessories require pretty much little to no maintenance, you still need to take care of it in order for it to have that look that you really want. So, that is why you need to invest in top quality teak oil and cleaner for your patio furniture and accessories.

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