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“0000”Superfine Steel Wool is the steel wool French Polishers and Furniture Restorers use to remove light scratches and imperfections on wood furniture. It’s also used for cutting back between

coats of French polishes, varnishes, and oil finishes.

One of the best ways to remove light hazy surface scratching or to rejuvenate wood furniture that is tired and dry is with a “0000” Superfine Grade steel wool and furniture reviver.

Other uses include removing paint spots or stains from wood, cleaning polished metals such as bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum. You can also clean glass, marble and porcelin as long as you use the Superfine Steel Wool with soapy water.

“0000” Superfine Grade Steel Wool makes an excellent alternative to sandpaper when you only need an abrasive that creates a smooth, uniform pattern on a delicate surface.

“0000” Superfine Steel Wool is available in 50gram packs and 500gr rolls.


“oooo” Superfine Steel Wool 50gr Packet. 

“oooo” Superfine Steel Wool 500gr Roll.

How to use:

So as not to cut your hands, unroll the steel wool to its full length, and by starting at the top, pull down the length to make thin strips, which you can then roll into balls or pads.

The pad shape aids the “flat palming” action used in applying the wax polish or furniture reviver. It act the same way as a very fine sandpaper only less abrasive.

When you use still wool always make sure rub along the grain and not in a circular motion. If you are working on one area of the surface always go over the complete surface area to create a consistent finish otherwise you get end up with area looking different to the rest of the surface.

“0000” Superfine Steel Wool is available in 50gram packs and 500gr rolls.

50gr Packet.

500gr Packet.

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