Furniture Reviver for Restoration

An excellent way to put some life back into furniture that is looking a bit “Tired” and “Dry” or has light surface scratching that has not broken through the lacquer is using AFC Furniture Reviver.

FR250 Australian Made AFC Furniture Reviver 250ml Bottle

What is AFC Furniture Reviver?
Furniture Reviver is an oil-based formula with the ancient properties of linseed oil and natural ingredients as well as a mixture of dark brown stain that breathes new life and colour into old, worn and faded pieces.

The reviver doubles up as a furniture polish on dark furniture as well and unlike most furniture oils it doesn’t leaving smearing or fingermarks on the surface and buffs to a beautiful shine.

Warning: There are many different “furniture revivers” on the market and it’s important to make sure you choose the correct type as some are only suitable for dark wood furniture and some are are OK for use on any color wood furniture light or dark.

How to use AFC Furniture Reviver to polish and lift faded and dry surfaces.

You will need a few cloths to carry out the procedure. 

Apply the reviver to the surface with a soft non abrasive cloth and spread along the furniture going in the same direction as the grain, “never in a circular motion”. Keep the surface well lubricated as you spread across the furniture. Once completed get a second cloth and wipe off excess reviver. Finally get a fresh cloth and buff to a smear free shine. Turn the cloth regularly when buffing.

How to use AFC Furniture Reviver to remove surface scratches or old wax & dirt.

One of the best ways to remove light hazy surface scratching or to rejuvenate wood furniture is with a “0000” Superfine Grade steel wooland a furniture reviver.

Apply the reviver to the surface with the superfine steel wool and spread along the furniture going in the same direction as the grain, “never in a circular motion” always make sure the that surface and steel wool are well lubricated with reviver at all times.

If you are attempting to move light surface scratches rub the surface gently until you see the scratches disappear and then stop and buff off any excess reviver and give the furniture a polish with a good quality beeswax. The same procedure applies when rejuvenating a “dull” or “tired” looking piece of furniture.

Important Tip 1:

Wear disposable or protective gloves to avoid colour transfer onto your hands.

Important Tip 2:

Before starting any job test all products and procedures if possible in an inconspicuous area first, to make sure there are no adverse reactions then proceed with caution.

Important Tip 3:

Never leave cloths or steel wool that have been in contact with revivers on the surface of your furniture after you’ve finished, as reactions and damage can occur in a very short space of time.

Available in: Dark Brown Only

Do not use on light coloured furniture as unwanted colour change could occur.

Click here for 250ml Bottle

How to use furniture reviver demonstration videos.

“0000” Superfine Steel Wool

super fine steel wool

“0000” Superfine Grade Steel Wool makes an excellent alternative to sandpaper when you only need an abrasive that creates a smooth, uniform pattern on a delicate surface.You can apply Furniture Reviver with “0000” Superfine steel wool and buff off with a clean soft cloth. Always rub in the direction of the grain not in a circular motion.

“oooo” Superfine Steel Wool 50gr Packet.

“oooo” Superfine Steel Wool 500gr Roll

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