Bed Head Brackets

Bed Head Brackets are designed to fit a bed head to an ensemble so it stays secure and attached to the bed.

We offer 2 sizes 10″inch (254mm) which gives more adjustment especially when an upholstered bed head is being fitted or a 7″inch (178mm) which is the standard size for most bed heads.

Bed Head Brackets 10'' and 7''


  • Bolts & Screws Included
  • Well Made
  • Super Strong
  • Braced to Reduce Flex
  • Multiple Adjustments



Bed Head Brackets For Attching Bed head to ensemble


Product Code BHB7

7″inch (178mm)

Price $24.95 per pair

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Product Code BHB10

10″inch (178mm)

Price $29.95 per pair

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