Bed Head Brackets Solve Movement Problems

These bed head brackets are designed to fit onto a bed head and onto an ensemble to stop movement. That way it stays secure and attached to the bed.

There are 2 sizes 10″inch (254mm) which gives more adjustment especially when an upholstered bed head is being fitted or a 7″inch (178mm) which is the standard size for most bed heads.

The difference between the 2 sizes is the 10 inch bracket has another 2 adjustment slots to allow for larger bed heads to be attached to the ensemble bed base.

The brackets are secured under the ensemble by the castor wheels and then screwed to the bed head to stop movement ( See downloadable PDF or Video instructions below.

  • Bolts & Screws Included
  • Well Made
  • Super Strong
  • Braced to Reduce Flex
  • Multiple Adjustments

Bed Head Fitting Instructions

Download Page 1

Download Page 2

See how to fit the bed head brackets from start to finish in the video below

Product Code BHB7

7″inch (178mm)

Price $27.95 per pair

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Product Code BHB10

10″inch (178mm)

Price $34.95 per pair

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