Leather Care Tips for Top Coated, Analine and NuBuck Leather Furniture

Leather Care & Cleaning Tips for Top Coated analine and Nu-Buck Leather

8 Simple Tips To Keep Your Top Coated Leather Furniture Looking Luxurious and Always Feeling Soft and Supple

(1) The first step you should take with leather furniture care is to read and follow “Manufacturer’s Care Label Instructions”

(2) Wipe furniture at least once a week with a soft damp cloth to prevent dust build up and soiling.

(3) Always use a good quality and specific Leather Care Product, never use saddle soaps, abrasive cleaners, furniture wax, furniture oils, ammonias or excess water for cleaning leather.

(4) When spot cleaning leather always use a Neutral PH Leather Cleaner” to avoid harmful reactions with the top coat, pores and stitches. This same tip applies when doing a complete leather clean.

(5) Always apply a good quality Leather Conditioner every 3 to 4 months to keep leather soft and supple and to prevent cracking or drying.

(6) Apply a Leather Protector to help repel grime, stains, liquid spills and body oils.

(7) Never place leather furniture near a direct heat source such as a radiator, heat vent or open fire place.

(8) Keep furniture our of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

How to identify Top Coated Leather

Top Coated leather is also known as Pigmented, Protected or Painted it has a uniform appearance and intense colour as well as a distinct and definite grain. You will not find any visible natural leather markings through the top coat because a special pigmented paint is applied to the surface of the leather and then sealed with an extremely durable finish.

Top Coated Leather is the most common leather used on furniture around the world today and accounts for approximately 90% of the market.

Leather Furniture Care and Cleaning is easy on this type of leather as long as you use the correct Leather Care Product or Leather Care Kit and follow the instructions carefully.

How to identify Premium Analine and Nubuck Leathers.

Premium Analine Leather is a full grain leather that has been dyed or tanned.
This type of leather tends to be more pliable, softer and thicker than top coated or pigmented leathers.

Analine will have little or no protective coating and the natural markings and grains will be visible through the finish.

This type of leather is prone to fading when exposed to the sun and due to it’s porous nature requires different cleaning procedures and products to top coated or protected leathers.

Nubuck Leather is also known as buffed or brushed leather and is even softer to touch than analine.

It has a similar texture to velvet and when you scratch it with your fingernail you can just rub it away.

Water drops on the surface of Nubuck will darken the leather but it will return to it’s original or natural colour when it dries, just like analine leathers.

Leather Furniture Care and Cleaning is a little more difficult on these types of unfinished leathers.


Important Leather Cleaning and Care Tips for Aniline and Nubuck Leathers

(1) Gently remove all spills immediately with clean dry cloth

(2) Do not scrub hard

(3) Do not use a damp cloth

(4) Do not use Leather Conditioners or Creams on Nubuck or Analine Leathers

(5) Do not use shoe polish or saddle soaps.

(6) For Analine and Nubuck, Leather Furniture Care and Cleaning the following is one of the most important rules. Only use leather cleaners that are clearly labeled as Nubuck or Aniline cleaners, normal leather cleaners are not suitable under any circumstances.

(7) If you’re unsure about leather cleaning on this type of leather it’s always best to contact the manufacturer of your furniture or call in a professional upholstery cleaning expert to ensure it is done correctly and to get the right advice.

(8) If vacuuming always use a soft attachment.



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