Orange Oil Furniture Polish & Cleaner Product Overview

Orange Oil Furniture Polish is one of our popular furniture care products. It can be used to polish most wood furniture finishes and does an excellent job of removing everyday dirt and dust from your timber furniture.Premium Quality Orange Oil Furniture Polish Being Used On Table

Orange Oil & Lemon Oil – What’s the difference

Some people think it is the same as lemon oil – the big difference is lemon oil contains petro-chemical by products and mineral spirits.

Orange Oil is a combined cleaner and furniture polish, its non-combustible and made from real orange rinds.

Aussie Orange Oil gives excellent results and leaves a fresh orange scent.

• Use on furniture, cabinets and wood paneling.

• Ideal for natural and unfinished wood.

• Great to help remove water marks from finished wood and hides minor scratches.

Overall orange oil is a very powerful cleaner and furniture polish, not only that it’s an all round good product for wood.

How to use AFC Orange Oil

AFC Orange Oil is easy to use just simply apply to the surface of your timber furniture with a soft cotton polishing cloth, spread evenly and remove any dust or dirt and leave it for a smear free finish.

Orange oil breaks down dirt and wax build up on wood furniture.  You enjoy the fresh scent of oranges and your furniture enjoys a lasting shine.

Suitable for polished wood finishes, unpolished or oiled woods.

Available in 250ml bottle.

Price: $18.95

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Orange Oil Demo Video

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