AFC Quick Polish Furniture Polish Overview

AFC Quick Polish liquid beeswax cream wax for timber furniture was developed as an easy to apply and easy to buff cleaning and furniture polishing product.

The specially formulated liquid wax polish doubles up as a furniture cleaner and can help to remove old wax build up andAUSSIE FURNITURE CARE QUICK POLISH LIQUID BEESWAX FURNITURE POLISH FOR CLEANING & POLISHING TIMBER FURNITURE FCP NEW grime that builds up on the surface of the furniture over time.

Waxes, Cleans and Polishes to a beautiful smear free and smooth finish.

AFC Quick Polish gives your timber furniture a finish you’ll be proud of !

Quick Polish can be safely used for antiques and modern furniture including timber and veneers.

Simple to use just simply shake the bottle first and then pour directly onto the surface with a non abrasive furniture polishing cloth and spread along the length of the grain.

Handy Tip: Quick Polish is quite creamy and in cool weather it can be a bit harder to get out of the bottle. If this occurs simply sit the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes, this will make the wax more fluid and easier to pour.

With a fresh clean cloth buff surface until dry.

Where there is no grain.

Eg: Cane furniture just pour onto surface and spread with a cloth and allow to dry.

No buffing is required wax will dry clear.

Quick Polish 250ml Clear

Price: A$18.95

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Video on how to use and apply Quick Polish.


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