Aussie Furniture Care Furniture Wax Overview

If you’ve ever used the older traditional style beeswax and know much hard work was required, you are going to be pleasantly surprised by AFC Furniture Wax Polish.

The AFC Furniture Wax Polish is a premium quality high performance beeswax furniture polish that’s formulated with Pure Australian Beeswax, Tree Oils and other natural ingredients.

This simple and easy to use furniture wax requires no hard work and unlike the old style traditional beeswax polishes:

  • It never builds up.
  • Is easy to apply and easy to buff.
  • Leaves a smear free finish.
  • Contains no silicones or petro-chemicals

See demonstration video below.

How often should it be used?

For long term protection of wood furniture, apply approx every 4 to 6 Months depending on how often the furniture is used.

Use Aussie Quick Polish for regular between 6 monthly applications of Furniture Wax.

What type of furniture can I apply AFC Furniture Wax too?

AFC Furniture Wax Polish can be safely used on modern furniture, antique furniture, veneers and hand painted furniture.

Available in 3 colour’s:  Brown, Black and Clear

Furniture Wax Brown 250gr:  

This wax is used for furniture ranging in colour from mid brown to dark brown. It will help to enhance the colour and the depth of the grain of the timber.

It can also be used for filling fine splits in the timber surface as the wax will dry to a point where it’s not hard but still quite firm. Dark Paste will not change the colour of the surface.

Furniture Wax Black 250gr:

This wax is used for furniture ranging in colour from dark brown to black. It can also be used for filling fine splits and small cracks.


It should not be used for light to medium colour woods as it has quite a strong pigment which can change the colour of the wood furniture’s surface.

Ideal for rejuvenating dark Asian style furniture or very dark finishes.

Furniture Wax Clear 250gr:

Can be used on any colour timber furniture light through to dark.


(1) Take a small amount of the furniture wax on a clean lint free cloth and rub in a circular motion along the length of the grain.

(2) Allow to dry completely. Test if wax is dry by rubbing with fingertips until a squeaking sound occurs.

(3) Buff off with another fresh clean lint free cloth finishing with length off the grain. Always apply the furniture wax in thin coats for best results.

Product Code: FW250C (Clear), FW250BR (Brown), FW250BL (Black)

Available in: Clear, Brown and Black.

How To Use Furniture Wax video

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