Inca Spray Wax Now Called Aussie Furniture Care Quick Polish

AFC Quick Polish Liquid Cream Furniture Wax

If you’ve been looking for Inca Spray wax and not been able to find it here is the reason why.

It’s been discontinued not because it’s not a good product but because it has been rebranded.

Same great wax in a new bottle and a new brand.

Inca Spray Wax is now called Aussie Furniture Care Quick Polish.

Aussie Furniture Care Quick Polish 250ml formerly Inca Spray Wax 200ml

Inca Timberwax Spray Wax  was developed as a cleaning and polishing product to remove old wax build up and the hand grime, now called Quick Polish because it cleans & waxes at the same time that appears around door handles, chair backs, wooden lounge arms, hand rails and cane furniture.

It also works extremely well on heavily carved ornate furniture and timber mirrors. This wax has thin consistency and dries clear it will not leave a wax residue in carvings.

Quick Polish 250ml Clear

Customers who have purchased this product have also purchased polishing cloths, scratch fix pens, furniture reviver, total wood care kit.

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