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Leather car seats and interiors look, feel and smell fantastic when they’re new but it’s really hard to keep them that way especially light colours.

Leather interiors in cars & trucks are more exposed to the elements than leather furniture, there’s constant exposure to the sun and airborne pollutants, especially when you’re getting in and out of the vehicle which makes it difficult to keep them clean.

If the time has come to clean your leather you may be wondering what is the best product to clean leather car seats?

The answer to this is simple but firstly you’ll need to check a couple of things.

Is it just everyday built up dirt and grime your dealing with or is there more than that to contend with?

The other thing you’ll need to check for is dye transfer.

What is dye transfer?

Dye transfer is where colour from clothing like denim jeans for example is transferred onto the leather over time.

When the colour is repeatedly transferred it becomes impregnated into the surface of the leather leaving a dark surface stain which is difficult to remove using your traditional leather cleaner even a very good one.

If dye transfer is present you may require a dye transfer remover.

Unfortunately, depending on the colour, sometimes you won’t be able to tell if there’s dye transfer until you start cleaning with your everyday leather cleaner.

Quite often if you’re using a good leather cleaner all the soiling will be easily removed and if dye transfer exists it will be still be visible.

It’s easy to mistake it as being in-ground dirt but if it doesn’t come off easily, no how hard you scrub, it will not go away.

This is when you’ll need dye transfer remover.

For cleaning leather you should always pick a Neutral PH Leather Cleaner that contains natural ingredients that way you eliminate the risk of damaging the leather of it’s stitching.

Best Product Recommendation

For the best products to clean leather car seats naturally I recommend using AFC 5 Minute Leather Cleaner for safe & effective leather cleaning.

Follow up with AFC Leather Conditioner to leave the leather nourished and feeling soft, smooth and supple.

If dye transfer is a problem I recommend United Pure Dye Transfer cleaner for excellent results.

Cleaning leather car & truck interiors is exactly the same process as cleaning leather furniture if you want to learn more follow the link for video and post:  How to Use AFC Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner

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