How to clean leather

How to clean leather

There’s a big difference between a leather clean and a deep leather clean. In this article I ‘ll show you the best way to do a deep clean on leather that will give you the type of results that you would get from a professional clean at a fraction of the cost.

The number one piece of advice I can give you if you want an effective clean is to use a good quality neutral PH leather cleaner not something off the shelf in the supermarket, there’s a huge difference.

This is what you’ll need for the task:

1 x bucket half filled with warm water.

2 x absorbent cloths preferably micro-fibre.

1 x bristle brush

1 x bottle of leather cleaner 

Step 1 

You will see in the video below the first step is  to spray the leather cleaner straight on to the dry surface but if the leather is really dirty I would lightly wet it down and then spray on the leather cleaner.

Step 2

For heavily soiled leather that hasn’t been cleaned for a long time use the brush to spread the cleaner and agitate the dirt from the leather. The brush will get into the grain and make it easier to remove deep seated dirt and grime. Remove the dirty residue with a damp absorbent cloth until clean. Rinse the cloth out in your bucket of water and wring out until damp and carry on to the next section

With leather that is only lightly soiled a damp cloth will do a good job especially if you use a micro-fibre cloth. Follow the same process as above using a cloth instead of the brush and remove residue with second damp cloth, rinsing regularly.

Always do small areas at a time to avoid the surface from getting dry before it is cleaned

Warning: Before carrying out any cleaning test a small inconspicuous area to make sure there are no adverse reactions or colour change.

After cleaning your leather give it a nourishing & moisturising treatment of leather conditioner & moisturising cream to leave it feeling smooth, soft and supple. 

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