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Furniture Care Products are now offering a range of natural cleaning products that are safe for your family, your pets & the environment, 100% natural, toxin free cleaning products.

We’re always on the lookout for new innovative eco products that fit into our criteria for creating a healthy, toxin free home and workplace for our customers and will continue to add them into our range as the become available.

Currently our range is reasonably limited but there is more on the way.

Here is what’s in our natural cleaning range now.

Floor Cleaners: 

Floor Magic for cleaning timber, laminate, vinyl, bamboo & tiles.

Carpet Magic for stain removal & spot cleaning carpet and rugs.

Fabric Spot Cleaner:

Fabric Magic Upholstery Spot Cleaner for spot cleaning fabric furnishings and car upholstery. Can also be used as a pre-wash spotter in the laundry.

EzyCare Fabric Bed & Bed Head Cleaner

Leather Cleaners:

Aussie Furniture Care 5 Minute Leather Cleaner for cleaning top coated leathers.

Aussie Furniture Care Leather Cleaner & Enhancer for cleaning and improving the feel of new  leather.

EzyCare Leather Bed & Bed Head Cleaner

Leather Conditioner:

Aussie Furniture Care Leather Conditioning & Moisturising Cream

Vinyl Cleaners:

Aussie Furniture Care Vinyl & PU Cleaner

Ezycare Vinyl Bed & Bed Head Cleaner

Timber Furniture Cleaner:

Aussie Furniture Care Timber Magic Furniture Cleaner

Gloss Furniture Cleaner:

Gloss Magic Furniture Cleaner for Polyurethane, Lacquer, Veneers & Laminate

Keep an eye out for new additions to our range. 


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