Using Pure Hemp Oil As A Furniture Polish & Finish.

Using Aussie Furniture Care Pure Hemp Oil Furniture Polish & Finish.

In a world full of toxins and pollutants, using pure hemp oil as a furniture polish and finish has become an increasingly popular choice for chalk painters, DIYers, homemakers and furniture restorers.

If you’ve been looking for a safe, environmentally sustainable and easy way to polish, seal or finish your wood furniture then hemp oil is an excellent choice.

Pure Hemp Oil used as a furniture polish or finish is a completely safe option.

It’s 100% natural, non toxic, contains absolutely no chemical additives or substances and it’s food safe, so you can use it on wooden items that come into contact with food or your skin.

What can it be used on?

Pure hemp oil is a drying oil which means it polymerises over time and hardens into a protective sealing coat with a rich soft sheen on any items that it’s used on.

It’s an extremely versatile product that can be safely used as a polish, sealer and protective finish on raw wood and chalk paint. It also restores old, worn, dried out and faded antiques and wooden furniture.

Other uses include sealing wooden chopping boards, wooden bowls and utensils.

On wood, it deepens the colour and enhances the grain much more, on really old and dry looking wood it’s really noticable the difference it makes.

Will Pure Hemp Oil change the colour of my furniture?

The oil has a deep green colour but goes onto the surface clear. Depending on the harvest the oil can be be slightly darker or slightly lighter but will not change the way it looks when applied to the surface.

When the oil is applied to the piece you’re working on it will deepen and richen the colour slightly but will lighten up as it’s buffed off and dries.

Application methods

There are 3 options. You apply the pure hemp oil by simply brushing it on with a paintbrush, a soft lint free cloth or using a painting sponge.

You’ll need some extra soft lint free cloths for removing excess oil and for buffing up.

How to use Pure Hemp Oil To Restore, Seal & Protect Raw Wood, Chalk Painted Finishes & Old, Worn & Dried Out Furniture

These instructions are the same for treating wooden chopping boards, wooden bowls and utensils.

This is important:

Before you start make sure your project is clean and free from dust.

If your applying the oil to a painted piece make sure the paint is completely dry.

Spread the oil liberally and evenly across the surface with your brush, cloth or sponge and wipe any excess oil away.

After applying your first coat leave it for around 12 hours and then using a fresh lint free cloth buff it off.

If you want to add more sheen just keep turning the cloth and continue to buff.

If you feel that the item is still a bit dry apply a second coat and repeat the process.

If you apply a second coat the surface you are treating won’t absorb as much oil and will be easier to buff to higher sheen.

How to use Pure Hemp Oil as a Furniture Polish for Furniture That’s in Good Condition

Spread the oil liberally and evenly across the surface with soft lint free cloth and wipe any excess oil away.

With a second dry and soft lint free cloth buff the surface to a soft sheen. If you want more sheen you can continue to buff with a fresh lint free cloth.


The amount of applications required depends on what the item is, the type of finish you are treating and how often it is touched.

For example a piece of furniture that gets touched a lot, such as a dining table or coffee table it may be better to do two to three coats,
whereas an item that is for decorative purpose may only need one coat.

Porous items like raw wood, unsanded chalk paint or old worn out and dry furniture may require more than one coat to get the result you’re looking for.


Is Pure Hemp Oil water resistent?

Even though the oil provides a wonderful water resistent finish, like any other finish it’s still a good idea to clean up any spills straightaway.

How long will it last?

Depending on how old or worn the piece is and how often it’s being used the hemp oil will gradually wear off.
Over time you may need to re-apply or as required.

What is the curing time?

The Pure Hemp Oil Furniture Finish can take up to 30days to cure and harden.
You can still use the item straightaway but you’ll need to be careful and gentle until it cures especially with things like dining table tops and high use items.


250mls will cove approx 6 to square metres.

If your looking for a premium quality Australian Grown and Made Pure Hemp Oil for your next project try Aussie Furniture Care Pure Hemp Oil Furniture Finish & Polish you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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