5 Tips for Keeping White & Light Coloured Leather Clean

5 Useful Tips And Steps On How To Keep Your White Leather Clean

White And Light Coloured Leathers Are Extremely Popular But When It Comes To Leather They Also The Most Difficult To Keep Clean.

Dye Transfer Denim Jean Marks on White Leather
Total Time Needed: 10 minutes
Total Cost: 35 AUD

Required Tools:

- Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

Things Needed?

- leather protector.
- neutral PH leather cleaner.
- leather conditioner.

Here Are Your 5 Useful Tips And Steps:

If the leather is new or in perfect condition apply a good quality leather protector. A leather protector will help to protect the surface from dye transfer and make spills and general soiling much easier to clean.
Leather Protectors
In normal circumstances regular cleaning using a clean damp cloth would suffice but in the case of lighter colour leather’s I would recommend using a good quality “neutral PH leather cleaner” that way you can stay on top of things and not allow anything to build up.
Rococo Photo Studio
Step 3 : Attend to spills and stains immediately
The longer you leave it the harder it’ll be to clean.
Leather cleaner on sofa
Step 4 : Never use
Saddle soaps, abrasive cleaners, furniture wax, furniture oils, ammonias or excess water for cleaning leather.
Washing Hands With Soap
Every 3 to 6 months to keep your white leather soft and supple.
AFC Leather Conditioner 250ml AFC 1A

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