12 tips for cleaning & protecting your laminate floors

12 step to protect your laminate floors

As you go through this quick guide, you’ll notice that the most important factor that stands out is to limit the amount of moisture that gets on your floor. It is the number one cause of damage to laminate.

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Follow these 12 steps to add years to the life of your floors!

Steam clean your laminate floor.

All you have to do is by placing doormats in front of entrances it prevent abrasive dirt and grit from getting carried in on shoes.

Keep stiletto heels off your laminate flooring to avoid damage.

Don’t apply water directly to the floor, just use a well wrung out damp mop to avoid water damage.

As the laminate can absorb the water and cause warping and other problems.

never use harsh or abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring powder, or soap–based detergents. Recommended.

Wax, lacquer, or polish your Laminate Floor.

Should never be refinished or sanded.

Furniture coasters or floor protectors to the feet and corners of heavy furniture.

Lift it, don’t drag it.

All liquid spills immediately.

Take care to avoid backings that could cause damage your floors. If possible, consult the manufacturer’s guide or a salesperson to find out if the rug or runner is compatible.

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