Slipstick Foot Furniture Gripper

CB750-CB755 Slipstick Foot Rubber Floor Protector Furniture Coasters 45mm


Slipstick Foot Furniture Coaster/Gripper

The Slipstick Foot Universal Furniture Coaster is designed to be placed under furniture legs up to 45mm (1- 3/4″) diameter where there is no way to attach a screw on floor protector to the furniture leg.

Product Features:

Can be under furniture legs where a floor protector can’t be attached directly to the furniture leg.

  • Stops furniture from moving.
  • Protects all hard floor surfaces from damage caused by furniture being moved or dragged.
  • Simple to fit just place under the furniture leg.
  • The specially formulated O’ring gripper underneath the furniture coaster helps to stop the furniture from moving.
  • Provides maximum grip and floor protection.
  • Will support up to 250kg (550lb) per cup.
  • Recommended to hold a furniture leg no larger than 65mm – 2 1/2″

Available in 2 colours: Caramel & Chocolate

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Product Description

A simple, foolproof way to protect your floors from the harmful effects of furniture legs, bedpost, rough plastic glides and other items from scratching or damaging your floors.

Made from specially designed non-marking solid rubber, these thin and round super grip pads provide a heavy-duty, non-skid hold and prevent vibration and movement.

The secret is our special rubber compound and the traction treads on the bottom of the protector to keep furniture legs in place and steady.

At only 3mm thick and medium brown color, they are virtually invisible under your furniture…no more unsightly oversized floor pads bulging out.


From the Manufacturer

Our pads can also be cut with a kitchen scissors to form-fit a desired shape or style.

Slipstick offers a 5-Year warranty (1 Year commercial).

Additional information

Weight 0.070 g
Dimensions 1.7 × 17.5 × 18 cm
Available Colours