StainShield Fabric Protector 500ml

$24.95 Inc GST

Stain Shield Fabric Protector 500ml. 

Designed for protecting fabrics from staining when a spill occurs.

Fabric Protection is not bullet proofing but is an excellent cleaning aid when an accidental spill occurs.

The fabric protector when applied wraps itself around the external fibres to help stop a spill from penetrating inside the fibre.

It doesn’t mean the fabric won’t stain but it will be more like a surface stain rather than an inground stain which will make it much easier to clean.

Safe and Natural Ingredients.

Can be applied to new or pre-cleaned furniture, soft furnishings and textiles.

Other options: Ecoshield Fabric Protector.

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Weight 0.570 g
Dimensions 6.0 × 20.0 × 6.0 cm