How to stop recliner chairs from moving sliding & damaging wood floors. DIY

How to stop a recliner chair from moving and sliding

Do you have a recliner chair on a hardwood or tile floor? Does it move every time you go to sit in it, tilt it or get out of it? Is it scratching and damaging your floor?

Here are some suggestions and recommended products to quickly & inexpensively solve this ongoing and annoying problem once and for all! These are laid in order of the least effective option to most effective option. Rubber mats or non slip thin rubber sheets that designed to go under rugs to stop them moving is another option 

Pros: Good grip & inexpensive. 

Cons: Finding the right size so that it’s not visible is the hardest bit. It either requires buying some rubber sheet and cutting to size or looking for a mat that is exactly the right size. 

Non slip thin rubber sheets for rugs usually come in a large rolls and would make this a very economical way to go.

Rubber mat under a recliner chair stop moving and sliding on wood floor

Gripper Pads: Using pre-cut round or square gripper pads specifically designed to be placed under furniture feet is an excellent option. 

Pros: Good grip & inexpensive 

Cons: These are an effective solution but there are 2 downsides. If the gripper comes with an adhesive backing there is a possibility of them peeling off as most recliner feet have a smooth finish on them and that’s why they slide so easily. You can choose not to use the adhesive but it can be a bit of a problem lining them up under the feet.

 You can get them here


Clip on non slip feet Slipstick Recliner Feet that clip onto the recliner chairs existing feet. 

Pros: Permanent long term solution, good grip and inexpensive. Can be attached to 3 of the most common factory fitted feet on recliner chairs. 

Cons: You need to fit the feet onto the existing feet. This requires measuring the existing foot and working out which adaptor you need to fit before the foot is clipped on. Can sometimes be a tight fit which makes them a bit harder to install but definitely worth the extra effort in the long run. 

You can get them here

How to fit video

What not to use and why. Unless your recliner has castors never use plastic coasters or castor cups. They are not a good solution because recliner feet will either move around in them or slip straight out. Other options like cutting up a piece of carpet and placing them under the recliners feet will only lead to the same problem and will also slip and slide.

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