How to stop furniture from moving on hard floors

How to stop furniture from moving on hard smooth floors

Most furniture manufacturers don’t put much thought into floor protection or the annoying problem of furniture like sofas moving every time you sit in them.

Furniture movement is the most common cause of damage to floors and walls with many pieces of furniture having feet fitted to them that do more to worsen the problem rather than fix it.

In most cases these problems can be avoided simply by replacing them or placing proper grippers under the legs or feet on your furniture.

There are many options so in this article I’ll show you the best ones.

Furniture grippers are what you need as they address both problems, they stop movement and they protect your floors.

If you go to your local hardware you’ll find a myriad of choices and items that make furniture slide but they don’t solve the main problem, furniture movement.

Before you make a decision you will need to know the following:

Are the existing feet that are fitted to your furniture from the manufacturer removable or not. If not you’ll need to find a furniture gripper that will go under the existing foot.

If they are removable you can fit a replacement foot that can be attached in it’s place that will do a good job.

So which furniture gripper is best?

In the case of where you cannot remove the existing foot there are some good options:

Slipstick Gorilla Grippers or Slipstick Furniture Grippers and Coasters

The Gorilla grippers are excellent solution. They are are super easy to fit, just measure the size of the furniture leg or foot they are going under, pick the shape and size then simply place under each leg.

Slipstick Gorilla Pads feature a 3 Layer Design with a highly durable rubber foam outer layer that provides excellent grip between the bottom of the furniture and the floor surface. The gripper has a solid felt core to prevent the furniture legs from puncturing through and damaging the floors surface.

This product is effective in it’s simplicity and is highly recommended.

They come in 3 different options:

Pre-scored furniture grippers ready to cut to the desired shape and size.

50mm Square furniture grippers

50mm Round furniture grippers

Furniture Grippers and Coasters are a range that also offer grip and protection but for a variety of different applications.

In this range you have:

Gripper Feet:

They are attached to furniture with screws or adhesive

The Slipstick grippers are a super strong plastic floor protector/gripper with an Oring rubber that can be fitted onto furniture items with large wooden bun feet, couches, armchairs & heavy tables to stop movement and damage.

Furniture Coasters:

Are a simple, foolproof way to protect your floors from the harmful effects of furniture legs, bedpost, rough plastic glides and other items from scratching or damaging your floors.

Furniture Coasters are perfect for furniture with unusual legs that can’t normally have floor protectors or grippers fitted to them.

Castor Cups:

Slipstick Castor Cups are designed to STOP furniture with castor wheels from rolling around, they also prevent scratching and wear on smooth surfaces.

Uses for castor cups can include placing them under piano wheels, fridge wheels, antiques or furniture that is fitted with castor wheels.

So there you have it, you no longer need to put up with furniture moving around and trashing your floors or walls.

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