Jimmy Possum Furniture Wax Polish Re-Released

Jimmy Possum Furniture Wax & Polishesfloor protection from furniture legs

Due to an overwhelming rate of enquiries Acecroft Pty Ltd the exclusive manufacturers of Jimmy Possum Furniture Wax & Polishes has decided to re-release the range.

Jimmy Possum closed it’s doors back in 2016 but prior to that as part of their customer service, every piece of wood furniture that was delivered to their customers also included a care pack.

The idea of the care pack was to provide a range of wax polishes that had been formulated especially to suit that type of timber furniture and finish so that the furniture maintained it’s original appearance and would last a lot longer.

The care packs came in several different variations depending on the furniture. They contained either one of the following or sometimes a combination of a couple.

The products that have been re-released include:

Jimmy Possum Liquid Wax Brown 250ml

Jimmy Possum Wax (Paste) Brown 250ml

Jimmy Possum Liquid Wax Natural 250ml

Jimmy Possum Wax (Paste) Natural 250ml

Jimmy Possum Wax Natural-Combo Pack

Jimmy Possum Wax Brown-Combo Pack

Jimmy Possum Liquid Wax Charcoal 250ml

Jimmy Possum waxes were developed so they only contained safe ingredients with no petro chemicals or silicones added.

The ingredients include pure Australian Beeswax. Boiled Linseed Oil, Eucalyptus Oils, Tree Oils & Non Toxic Liquid Hydrocarbons.

The polishes are easy to apply and easy to buff, leaving a smear free finish and a lasting shine on all Jimmy Possum timber furniture finishes.

Jimmy Possum Waxes are suitable for use on any timber furnishings.

Pleasantly scented with no overpowering odours.


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