Scratch Fix Pens

Scratch Fix Pens are the perfect furniture touch up pen for anyone wanting to tidy up and do minorScratch Fix Pens for touching up timber furniture repairs on any stained timber.

Timber furniture can look beautiful in your home but if it’s scratched or damaged in any way it can look really awful, many people think that once a piece of furniture has a nick or a scratch on it there’s nothing you can do about it but that’s not always the case.

Scratch fix pens available in 5 colours


See a demo video on how to use Scratch Fix Pens further down the page.

Here are some guidelines so you can work out if a scratch can be fixed with a Scratch Fix Pen or not.

  • Work out how deep the scratch is.
  • If it’s a surface scratch that hasn’t broken through the lacquer finish then a Scratch Fix Pen probably won’t help.
  • If the scratch has broken through the lacquer and you can see raw wood then the scratch fix pens should do the job.
  • Keep in mind the scratch fix pen is not a filler it only colours the damage, so if the scratch or nick is deep you may need a filler. If that’s the case download our free repair guide and workout what you’ll need and how to fix it.

We carry 2 filler products:Scratch fix pens colour range
Wax Putty Bricks
Furniture Repair Crayons

Other Uses for Scratch Fix Pens

Minor touch up and repairs of:

· Stained timber window frames
· Stained timber picture frames
· Stained timber floors
· Stained timber doors and door jams
· Wood paneling and much more

Scratch Fix Pens

Price: A$18.95
Available in: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Red Brown, Black Brown

Scratch Fix Pen Light Brown: $18.95

Quantity :


Scratch Fix Pen Medium Brown: $18.95

Quantity :


Scratch Fix Pen Dark Brown: $18.95

Quantity :


Scratch Fix Pen Red Brown: $18.95

Quantity :


Scratch Fix Pen Black Brown: $18.95

Quantity :


Scratch Fix Pen Mixed Pack of 5 – 1 of each colour:  $80.53

Quantity :

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