How to clean Nubuck Leather Furniture

Nubuck leather furniture looks fantastic when it’s new but as it ages it becomes very difficult to keep it in good condition.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of options available as far cleaners and conditioners go.

Because nubuck leather is a natural and unfinished hide it tends to absorb liquids and gets discoloured very easily.

Upside to Aniline & Nu-Buck Leather

Aniline or Nu-Buck is the purest form of leather. It has luxurious look and a buttery soft, natural feel but has no pigmented or topcoat applied only a dye for colour. I

Nu-buck leather feels really soft and looks fantastic with it’s individual natural markings that gives the leather it’s own unique appearance.

It feels warm in winter, and cool and dry in summer.

Downside to Aniline & Nu-Buck Leather

Aniline leather is made premium quality hides and can be very expensive.

Repairs and cleaning can be difficult. Aniline leather stains easily and absorbs moisture, it’s also susceptible to fading from UV. This is because it hasn’t been pigmented or have a protective top coat.

Scratches Easily. Many people who buy this leather are happy with the ageing process and are ok with scratches but others are completely unaware of that possibility with this type of leather.

I’ve researched the internet looking for answers to this commonly asked question and here are some answers.

The guy in this video knows his stuff and demonstrates some excellent ways to clean and restore Nubuck.

5 Things to avoid with Nubuck leather.

Never use detergents, solvents, abrasives or leather cleaners.

Never try to dry clean or machine wash leather.

Animals transfer hair and body oils to nubuck leather which can cause irrepairable damage.

Animal claws can also scratch your furniture damaging the hide.

Always ensure that your pets have no direct body contact with nubuck leather surface.

If your dog or cat has a favourite spot on your leather use a throw cover in that area to preserve it.

Belts & Buckles:
These can cut and scar the leather when children play on leather furniture.

Heat & Direct Sunlight
These will dry out and crack the leather. Avoid long periods of exposure to direct sunlight and heat.

How to clean and condition top coated leather

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